Sunday, July 5, 2009

happy 5th of July!

Kyle is coming today!! I am going to meet him at the aiport in a couple of hours. I spend my 4th with 8 Brits and 2 Swiss people. Haha so much for Independence Day right? They were sure to give me hell about it all day. There was this adorable family from England in the group who were traveling for a year. They had a 9 year old, 7 year old, and 4 year old. The kids were being homeschooled from the road. Kind of Eliza Thornberry right? During the van ride the 7 and 4 year olds started singing Jonas Brothers and it was so cute. That quickly progressed to Pink Floyd's "Brick in the Wall" (specifically the "we don't need no education" line) and "American Pie". It was hysterical because they were pulling these songs out of no where. I got some of it on film. The kids were so intelligent! I loved them. Our first stop was at another equatorial monument near a village called Cayambe. This one was a huge sundial. It was pretty nice. Next we were off to some hole in the wall that has these famous cheese biscuit things. The dulce de leche was out of this world. The Otavalo market was next. It was absolutely massive!! They had just about anything you wanted to buy there. I bought a few gifts and a jacket for myself ($5!!). We got back in the van and went to a town that is famous for their leather works, Cotacachi. We stopped in this restaraunt for lunch where the Brit mom had her go with Cuy (guinea pig). She said it tasted like chicken but then she started to feel bad and couldn't finish it. We had fun taking pictures anyway. The 4 year old (Elliot) was obsessed with the paws and the 9 year old (Felix) was so pissed off that his mom would eat a guinea pig. Our last stop was at an extinct volcano Cuicocha. It is now a lagoon with a couple islands in the middle that were formed by lava domes. The clouds of course wouldn't clear and it started raining when we were there so the pictures aren't very good.

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