Monday, July 27, 2009

Kyle and I are back in Quito, ready to fly home to the USA on Wednesday. We spent 4 nights on the coast along a strip of towns called "Ruta del Sol." Our first 2 nights were in a small place called Puerto Rico. We got there late, had dinner and played some cards. The next day was a day trip to Puerto Lopez to go whale watching. We ran into some of our friends there so we spend the afternoon on the beach. The next night was in Montanita, a town completely devoted to surfers. We had a quiet evening, a few drinks, then turned in. It would have been a great place to go with a group. A little mini Cancun with more dreadlocks than you've ever seen in your life. We woke up the next morning around 7:30 with people still going full throttle in the bars!! Something I had eaten the day before came back to visit me... and continued to for the next 12 hours or so. After I had had my way with the bathroom there we got on a bus to Puerto Lopez. We found our Norweigan friends again and spent the day with them. Me, in the most disgusting bathrooms you can ever dream of, and them playing cards and having a few beers. We had no more sun the last 2 days we were at the beach :( We got on a night bus back to Quito, which turned out to be a much much better experience than our first night bus. Kyle and I had rigged some rocks inside the bands of 2 watches to put on my wrists because we couldn't find any of those bracelets for motion sickness. It turned out good. We made it to Quito around 6 this morning. Today we took a mega nap and then walked around the "New Town" for a while. Tomorrow we are going to do our a few last minute touristy things. We are getting to Houston on Wednesday evening and then headed to Mexico on Friday for Kyle's cousins wedding.

Cuenca & Ruta del Sol

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